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It’s a New Year, New Vacations to plan. Let’s check those passports! Do you know the rules regarding getting a passport and renewing a passport? Do you know where to go to get a passport or renew a passport? Here is the link.


1. Complete the DS-11 Form Application

2. Show Proof of US. Citizenship        

3. Photo copy of the front and back of your identification

4. Passport Application Fee             

5.Passport Photo                                  

It takes 6-8 weeks to receive your passport. Do you need it in a hurry? You can get it Expedited.


Do you need to renew your passport? Do you know when you need to renew it by? Well I’ll tell you. It is not the Month and Year on your Passport if you will be traveling less than 6 months before your departure. If you are going to be traveling out of the country to make sure there are no problems you need to renew your passport 6 months prior to your departure. Why? The reason is a growing number of countries are demanding it. You can check the requirements for the countries you plan to visit at the Department of State’s website at

Do you have any questions? Give me a call and I will help you out. Let’s Get Acquainted!

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist


Happy New Year 2019!

I just want to wish all of you a safe celebration of the New Year. I hope that 2019 will bring you Happiness, Joy, and an exciting New Year of Adventures!

Let’s Get Acquainted when you are ready to Plan your next Vacation in 2019!

Best wishes,

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist


‘Tis the Season for Giving

Dear Fellow Active Traveler!

You watch, holding your breath, as your loved ones open their gifts.  With each rip of the wrapping paper your anticipation grows, as you anxiously wait to see a reaction.  Will his eyes light up with excitement?  Will her jaw drop in surprise?  Will the kids scream and jump around, in a YouTube-worthy display of pandemonium?

As we enter the holiday shopping season, the hunt for perfect presents begins.  I’d love to help you surprise your special someone or family with one of the most amazing gifts you can give …The gift of travel!  A Gift that will leave you with Memories of a Lifetime. This is one shopping trip you don’t have to tackle alone, since we can work together to create a fun travel gift package.

For the most flexibility, many travel companies offer gift cards or certificates. Whether it be an All Inclusive Resort, Disney, A cruiseline, a specific destination, or something more, I can connect you to a travel option that will be the best fit.  I can even help create a travel-related gift package, so that the recipient has everything they need to start planning their trip.

For even more wow factor, why not book an entire vacation package? Together we can select the perfect travel elements to craft an amazing vacation experience.  From a tropical destination, Multi-Destination Vacation, European Tour or Cruise, or a Hawaiian or South Pacific Cruise, giving the gift of travel memories is priceless.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect vacation gift or want to plan your own in 2019, I’d love to hear from you!  Contact me today to get started making your travel dreams a reality! Let’s Get Acquainted!

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season to you and your family and friends. Safe Travels and have a Happy New Year!

Best wishes,

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist


Black Friday Travel Promotions

Hello All Active Travelers!

Are you interested in Black Friday Travel Promotions? If you do not know Black Cats Travel Customizes Vacations for active travelers who want to experience new cultures, adventure, sightseeing, and relaxation. We do not sell on the best deal possible, BUT the best experience possible working within your budget…..HOWEVER Black Friday is an exception. There are some good sales and promotions out there for travel. You can contact me if you are interested in any specific destinations are interests you may have and activities you want to participate in. I will help you out. I wanted to let you know about some Promotions that Black Cats Travel would like to promote.

Black Cats Travel BLACK FRIDAY Promotions 

11 Days Moorea & Bora Bora Air included from $3969 from LA ; $4229 from NYC (price is per person)

  • Moorea staying 5 nights at the Intercontinental Moorea
  • Bora Bora staying 3 nights Intercontinental Bora Bora
  • Book by November 30th, Travel Dates at this price: Now to March 31, 2019
  • Price will increase after March 31, 2019
  • Prices can vary if you change choice of  resorts, length of stay, or room category

Universal Orlando Resort Winter Getaway Savings

  • Save $300 on a 4 nt stay for a family of 4
  • Book by January 9, 2019
  • Travel Now to March 31, 2019
  • 3-Park 2-Day Park-To-Park Ticket with 2 Days Free to Universal Studios Florida AND Universal’s Islands of Adventure AND Universal’s Volcano Bay
  • Early Park Admission to one (1) Universal Orlando™ theme park as determined by Universal Orlando one hour before the park opens (valid theme park admission required)
  • 7 Hotel options ranging from Budget Friendly to Premier Hotels

I stayed at Loews Royal Pacific Resort in the summer of 2016. Since then other resorts have been built, but I thought it was a great resort with a South Pacific feel and great Luau show. I like the transportation via ferry. Universal Volcano Bay was not built at the time, but I enjoyed the other 2. Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Universal CityWalk was great for shopping and grabbing something to eat!

Black Friday @ Hotel Xcaret Mexico
Up to 40% off through Novmember 30th! Book Now.

I cannot recommend this resort more for active adventurous travelers who are also interrested in experiencing new cultures, cusine, and historical sites. A whole lot of fun and relaxation and well worth the money. 6 eco-friendly parks and 3 historical tours. I was just there in August and can share my experience with you. Read other previous posts of I written on Hotel Xcaret Mexico. Learn more information on Hotel Xcaret Mexico and what is ALL INCLUDED! Click here.

Come learn more about the 12 Ways Black Cats Travel Can help you on your Hotel Xcaret Mexico Trip too. Click here to read this article.

Why would I include these three promotions. Well I have had a client go to Moorea and Tahiti. Bora Bora is more relaxing, but that is part of what Black Cats Travel is about. An active vacation with some relaxation. You can find it in my Testimonials. I have also had experienced both staying at Universal Studios Florida and Hotel Xcaret Mexico. I have first hand experience and I can share that information with you too! These are all active places you can visit and enjoy.

If you are interested in learning more about planning an upcoming vacation Contact Me and Let’s Get Acquainted!

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, from my family to yours.

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist


Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Why Should YOU work with Black Cats Travel to Book YOUR Trip to Hotel Xcaret Mexico and have the FUN-Inclusive experience? Well I have come up with 12 Reasons why you should consider booking your trip to Hotel Xcaret Mexico even if you are unable to make it to Black Cats Travel Group “Fly to Xcaret” Departure Dates June 14-24, 2019.


I am a Travel Agent who has Contacts with Hotel Xcaret Mexico FUN-Inclusive Resort. I can reach out to those contacts and if you have any questions I cannot answer for you. I will get an answer for you.

2. CONTACTS with the Resort

With the contacts I have with the resort, I can get your questions answered without you having to call the resort. You will not have to speak to a bilingual staff representative always answer the phone in Spanish. Being in Mexico, Spanish is their main language. If they are unable to answer your question, you will be transfered to another bilingual staff representative who will answer the phone in Spanish. Then you speak English and the conversation will go on from in English and hopefully you can get your question(s) answered. It had been a bit of a challenge until I went to the resort. You may have trouble understanding the staff represenative.


When I stayed at the resort I did a site inspection by a hotel staff member. I am familiar with the resort, the layout of the large resort. and I am familiar with what the resort has to offer it’s visitors.


When it comes to making reservations, I know where reservations need to be made, be it for transporation to a park or tour or if it is for a restaurant or evening dinner show. I also know how far in advance reservations need to be made by.


I can prearrange reservations before your arrival if it is needed due to the fact that some tours and the dinner show are only on specific days of the week.


I can provide you with the Parks and Tours Hours as well as the days of the week certain tours run. This may play a role in when you arrive or depart for your vacation..


In regards to Black Cats Travel Fly to Xcaret, if you are unsure of your travel dates or length of stay, you can book your room for the longest length of time you will stay. If you want to shorten your stay prior to the final payment I can provide you the flexibility you you need. Flights will be added on when you are sure of your travel dates. The Departure Dates for Fly to Xcaret (Black Cats Travel Group Event) are June 14-24, 2019. Then you decide the length of stay you want.


I have first-hand experience at the following parks, Xcaret, Xplor, Xenses, Xhel-Ha, and visiting Tulum. I can tell you what to expect at these parks and how they differ. I can tell you about Tulum as well as the length of the tour, or combo tour included with Tulum. Since I have not experienced all the Parks and Tours Hotel Xcaret Mexico offers that is why I need to go back.


With my first-hand experience I can let you know if this resort and vacation would be a great experience for you. I can let you know about the parks and the new Park Xavage which has been added since I was there in August 2018. I can tell you what parks would be great for you and your family to visit and perhaps which ones would not be a good choice.


I have plenty of pictures you can see and I will share with you to make sure this is the vacation for you.


I can recommend what items you should pack and what parks/tours you would need them for.


I can explain how transportation works by going to all the parks and tours.

Do you want information on any of the 12 Listed Items I can answer for you? You will not have to call the resort, you have a English Speaking Travel Agent, that has Contacts with the Resort and can get your questions answered. You do not have to make numerous phone calls to Hotel Xcaret Mexico, only to Laura Gibson with Black Cats Travel.

Of course there are some hidden gems, that only you would know by experiencing Hotel Xcaret Mexico and other possible surprises when joining Fly to Xcaret. Contact me! Let’s Get Acquainted!

What to know the the details about Hotel Xcaret and all that it has to offer as anunforgettable vacation opportunity. Click here.

Let’s have some fun by staying at Hotel Xcaret Mexico!
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Have a great day!

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist


Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Travel Protection

To All My Active Travelers!

I am here to touch upon a subject that I have been told I have been a bit pushy about. That is buying Travel Insurance or my preferred term is Travel Protection. I use the term Travel Protection because you are protecting your investment spent for your vacation. After these past hurricanes that we have just had, Florence, Michael, and who cannot forget Hurricane Maria from last year,  Travel Protection I feel this is an important topic to touch upon now.

The Question is:
“Why should you buy Travel Protection?”

Here are My Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Travel Protection.

1. Trip Cancellation and Interruption

These past Hurricanes we had are weather related. If you were planning on traveling during these past hurricanes, would you? Well airports would be shut down, how could you travel be it leaving or arriving back home? Trip Interuption could be weather related as well. Perhaps you need a connecting flight, but due to weather conditions the flight cannot arrive on time. You have to wait a day until you can catch your next flight. You have lost 1 full day of your vacation. One day you paid for to be in Tahiti for your 10 year anniversary. Would you like to be reimbursed?

What about if you or a family member get sick or injured prior to your trip. Will you want to take care of that family member or maybe they were joining you on that trip to Italy, but cannot make it now due to sickness or injury. You are going to Italy, a 2 week vacation to Italy. You have spent a pretty penny for this once in a life time trip. Do you want to lose partial or all that money you invested in because you need to cancel.

There are numerous reasons why a trip would need to be cancelled or how a trip can be interupted. These were just a couple of examples.

2.   Baggage (Lost, stolen or damaged baggage)

So let’s say due to that delayed connecting flight your luggage got lost when heading to Tahiti. Yes you would be upset and maybe the luggage would be found, but you know that you will get reimbursed for that lost, stolen or damaged baggage. What if this were to happen without Travel Protection bought? oh well.

3.  Medical (for health issues that occur outside of your normal coverage area)

Say you’re doing some hiking in Costa Rica and you slip and fall and break your legs. You will need to get to a hospital. You need medical coverage to take care of the surgery you are going to need. Since you are going to be missing part of your vacation due to spending time in the hospital you are missing part of your vacation. Just because you have health insurance at home does not mean that it will cover you on your trip. Would you like to have your medical expenses covered? I think so.

My Sum Up of the Importance of Buying Travel Protection

Think about it, you have invested money on taking your romantic getaway, vacation, or perhaps it is a destination wedding you are going to. As recommended by Black Cats Travel you should start planning your vacation at least 6-8 months in advance. Being that you would book your vacation so far in advance many things can happen between when you book and when you travel. Do you want to lose partial or all that money you paid for your trip? Do you want a stress free trip? Of course you do, but buying that travel protection can help you knowing  that “if”…. It is like a “safety net.” You bought it now you have no need to worry about the investment you spent on your vacation.

There are multiple travel protection plans available. If you have any questions click here and Contact Me. If you are ready on planning your next Getaway click here and Let’s Get Acquainted!

Have a great day!

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist


Mayan Dance at Xcaret Park

What an experience I had in Mexico August 10th-14th, 2018! Way too short. I had such a great time at Hotel Xcaret Mexico FUN-INCLUSIVE Resort, parks, and Tulum Tour, I want to go back and why not with a Group interested in a cultural, active, adventure, historical, and relaxing vacation? You can experience a little of everything. “Fly to Xcaret” a Black Cats Travel Exclusive Event is set for Departure Dates: June 14-24, 2019! You choose when you want to leave between those dates and choose how long you want to stay.

Who will enjoy Hotel Xcaret Mexico?

Active Travelers, families, couples, or groups. Vacationers who want to explore the culture, history, adventure, water sports & activities, cuisine and more. Also Engaged Couples interested in having a Destination Wedding not on the beach, but perhaps at one of the parks or resort.

If you haven’t planned a honeymoon, maybe this might be something you would like. If you have a 2019 wedding, maybe you might be interested in this and perhaps saving some money.

What does FUN Inclusive Include?

What is Included in the price of your stay is unbelievable. It is well worth your money if you are an active traveler.

1. Round trip transportation directily to the resort and back to the airport. Accomodations, all food and beverages with the exception of 1 restaurant at the resort.

 2. Transportation to all parks and tours. Some need reservations due to the distance. 3 parks do not. Xcaret, Xplor, and Xenses. Continous pick up from resort to all 3 parks. 20 minutes round trip all day.

3. Free entrance to all the parks and tours + meals included at parks. The exception is Xenses. Most people go there because it takes about 4 hrs to go through this park and go to another park or the resort and get a meal that is included. Go to the parks as much as you’d like.

If you are interested in participating in “Fly to Xcaret!” contact me and if the departure dates of June 14-24, 2019 do not work let me know. You will not receive the possible promo code, but I can create one if you have a group of 5 rooms booked, Look for a follow up email 12 Things Black Cats Travel Can Provide You that You Don’t Know by Booking it On the Resort Website. My list continues to grow. Only one who has stayed there can know. I just want to make it as stress free as possible for you. This article will soon come.

If you are afraid you would not be able to afford this trip that includes so much. Click here for my 14+ Ways to Pay For Your Dream Vacation and Learn the Approximate Amounts You Can Save.

If you know of anyone interested in possibly going to “Fly to Xcaret!” pass the word along.

Click here to learn more about Fly to Xcaret, pricing and possible savings. You are welcome to give me a call as well to schedule an over the phone conversation. Let’s Schedule!

Have a great day!

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist

Infinity pool at Hotel Xcaret Mexico


Travel Planning Fees with Black Cats Travel

Hello to everyone and I hope that you have had a nice summer. The first day of Fall will be coming on September 22, 2018. I notified everyone on the first day of summer that new New Travel Planning Fees would be implemented on the first day of Fall, which is September 22, 2018.

Take advantage of the current “Plan to Go Retainer” currently in place because things will change on September 22, 2018 with new Vacation Planning Fees. Currently you can receive a 100% refund if you choose to book with Black Cats Travel.

If you have any questions regarding my travel planning services are are interested in booking your upcoming honeymoon or vacation Contact me now before Travel Planning Fees are in place. Let’s Get Acquainted!

Hope to hear from you soon and have a great day!

Best regards,

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist


Get the Scoop on Hotel Xcaret Mexico!

What an experience I had in Mexico August 10th-14th, 2018! Way too short. I had such a great time at the resort, parks, and Tulum Tour, so here is the scoop on Hotel Xcaret Mexico and you will see why, “Fly to Xcaret” a Black Cats Travel Exclusive Event is being planned for June 2019!

Who will enjoy Hotel Xcaret Mexico?

Active Travelers, families, couples, or groups. Vacationers who want to explore the culture, history, adventure, water sports & activities, cuisine and more. Also Engaged Couples interested in having a destination wedding not on the beach, but perhaps at one of the parks or resort. I met an engaged couple in Tulum interested in this resort for their destination wedding next year.

For those interested in a destination wedding at the resort, the resort is VERY LARGE and there could be a lot of walking. There are escalators. There are 15 rooms that can help those that are handicapped. The front desk, accomodations, and restaurants are all closer together. As you move away from the restaurants, and main pool, you have the rivers, and beach area which makes it much larger.

What does FUN All-Inclusive Mean and Include?

What is Included in the price of your stay is unbelievable. It is well worth your money if you are an active traveler.

1. Round trip transportation to and from airport, your accomodations, all food and beverages with the exception of 1 restaurant at the resort and the majority of parks and tours.

 2. Transportation to all 8 parks and tours. Some need reservations due to the distance. 3 parks do not. Xcaret, Xplor, and Xenses. Continous pick up from resort to all 3 parks.

3. Free entrance to all the parks and tours + some meals included at parks. The exception is Xenses. Most people go there because it takes about 4 hrs to go through this park and go to another park or the resort and get a meal that is included. Go to the parks as much as you’d like.

What makes Hotel Xcaret Mexico different from other All Inclusive Resorts?

Unlike other All Inclusive resorts, you will not find the night life at the resort. It is pretty quiet. There is one bar/lounge that is open late and can have music, but you will not find multiple bars with music and dancing, karoake, a nightclub or disco, HOWEVER if you are staying in an adults only section with special conceirge service they can make reservations for you at restaurants and other places outside of the resort and parks and tours to go to for nightly entertainment.

The evening activities at the resort include Rio de Teatro. A dinner and show. It is not every night. I went on a Friday and you must make reservations. I loved the food and the service and you will find pictures and videos  pop up on Fridays on Instagram if you want to follow my experience. I took short videos of many of the acts on stage.

At the parks, You have Xcaret Evening Xpectacular show which was amazing when I became an Xcaret Xpert and was able to get 2 free tickets to any park. At Xplor, they have Xplor Fuego which is just a nighttime version of exploring the park, and then there is another amazing show called XOXOIMILCO. This is near Cancun and requires reservations. It is a Mexican Fiesta with live music, singing, dancing, and Mexican games.

These are the evening activities you can find at Hotel Xcaret Mexico and the different parks. The resort is very quiet at night. For myself I came back from the park(s), cleaned up or went in the pool then ate dinner at one of the restaurants and went back to my room. I was tired and soon went to bed.

Remember with all these activities you have transportation included. Tips are welcome.

If you have any questions regarding Hotel Xcaret Mexico and what it offers, Contact me, I couldn’t cover it all. More will come about the parks!

One Final Note. Every sit down restaurant and dinner show, not a buffet or snack bar at the resort, I was asked, “Do you have any food allergies.” If you have food allergies the chef will make a meal just for you!

Have a great day!

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist



14+ Ways To Save For You Dream Vacation PLUS MORE!

Do you know how you are going to afford your Dream Honeymoon with wedding planning? Do You want to take a Family Vacation outside of your hot spot like Disney, but just can’t afford a Beaches Resort for the kids? Do you have Bucket List Destinations you want to go, but just do not know how to put all the funds together, then you are in the right spot! Here are 14+ Ways to Save Money for your Dream Vacation!

With my 14+ Ways to Save Money and 6 Necessary Steps to Creating a Plan for your Dream Vacation one could seriously save thousands of dollars.  I am providing you multiple ways of saving money and approximate amounts you can save based on a year in advance. This will absolutely help in paying for the Dream Vacation you’ve been wanting to take. Plus there is a 6 Step Plan to Make this a reality. As many people go on vacation and take their honeymoon during the summer this is the perfect time to present you with this information.

#1Plan ahead
See how much you can save for your next trip even if it isn’t in the summer. You will be surprised.. First and foremost, there is no question that you must plan ahead to save money. You need to know where your dream destination is. How long will you be traveling for? What is the approximate amount it will cost? When you find out how much it will cost you can see how much you need to save. IT CAN BE DONE!
How can YOU save money?

Let’s cover DIY (Do It Yourself) first. There are multiple options.
#2 – DIY Your Food and Beverage

2a. Factor in those fancy creations from your local coffee shop. Eliminate just one large latte ($4), one lunch out ($10), and one restaurant dinner ($15) each week, and you’ll save approximately $1500 in one year—That could be a significant increase in your travel allowance! Savings is $1500 yearly.

2b. Do you get daily coffee from your local coffee shop before you head off to work each morning? Your budget takes a daily hit. Let’s just eliminate your daily coffee every morning you buy before work. Let’s say a large  coffee is $2.50 each day. You work 5 days a week. for 50 weeks. You have 2 weeks off for vacation and other personal reasons. Daily Coffee Savings is $625 yearly

Instead make your own coffee. Bring a bag lunch to work. Make your own dinner, do not go out to eat so often. Look at how much you would be saving. This is just food and beverage.

#3 – DIY Interests

3a. The Car Wash. For both men and women don’t you want your car, SUV, or truck looking nice and clean? Do you have to go to the car wash and spend $10-$25 depending on what you want to get cleaned, or is it something you could do at home. Everyone lives in different areas of  the United States and the weather plays a role in when or how often you get your car washed. So as we look at the whole United States, let’s just say we spend $20 a month to get our car washed. A total of $240, but let’s just round that up to $250 to make it easy. Savings is $250 yearly.

3b. Regular Manicures and Pedicures I know women enjoy getting their nails done. You want to have the prettiest nails especially with the warm temperatures and wearing nice sandals, but instead of spending that money to get your nails professionally done, you can buy nail polish and do it at home.
To get a regular manicure and pedicure each month it cost approximately $30. That would be a total of $360 for a full year, but of course you do not go to your nail salon to get just a “regular” manicure & pedicure, you have to go for those French manicures and pedicures too. Let’s round it up to $400 spent yearly to have your nails professionally done. Savings is $400 yearly

If you want to save some money splurge every other month and get your nails done. This would be $180 saved. Yes you might want to spend a little extra money and get a French manicure as well. Let’s make the savings an even $200. Savings is $200 yearly.

I have 14+ Ways to Pay for your Dream Honeymoon, Vacation or Bucket List Trip. You have only seen 3 ways and the amounts you can save. Are you interested in seeing more? Do you want my 6 Step Creating a Plan for your Dream Getaway to become a Reality?

Click here and you will be AMAZED at how much you can save. I Guarantee it!

If you are ready to take that next step in Planning your Dream Vacation, then Let’s Get Acquainted!

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist


Let's Get Acquainted!

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Vacation Saving Guide

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  • See The Amounts You Save
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